Chemical Analysis Specialist

@ FARAGALLA Food Industries, Alexandria, Egypt.


  1. Evaluate sensory attribute (Color- Odor- Taste) to ensure the product safety.
  2. Make required tests for juice ,jam, Sauce and ketchup (Brix– Acidity– viscosity– stature-PH-salt%) to check the Product standard specifications matching.
  3. Make sure lock force for cap bottles by torque testing.
  4. Examine double seem and make corrosion test for tins.
  5. Receiving fruits and analysis it physically and chemically  to accept or reject it.
  6. Make required analysis for pulp and concentrate fruits.
  7. Measure fruit-l,a,b- color by spectrophotometer.
  8. Calculate  NAOH and HNO3 percent for
  9. Receiving raw milk and make tests to detect adulteration of milk and make sure to match the standard specification.
  10. Make required tests for final milk product (Fat-Protein-Acidity-PH-Sp.Gr-TS).
  11. Receiving the incoming chemicals (HCl-HNO3-H2SO4 ) and accept or reject it after analysis it.
  12. Analysis of treated and boilers water (TDS- PH- Conductivity- Hardness- Chloride- P,M,O Alk- Sulfite).
  13. Prepare chemical solutions that used in lab for the various tests.
  14. Good deal with laboratory devices (Milkoscan-PH meter-Viscometer- Spectrophotometer-Refractometer-Gerber centrifuge-TDS/Conductivity meter )and calibrated it constantly to ensure its efficiency.
  15. SAP user